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Stars At The Shore: Kendra Wilkinson

By Veronica Dudo

Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson hosted a party at the Pool After Dark over the weekend in Atlantic City. The E! Network starlet has appeared in two series, "The Girls Next Door," which focused on all of the hot happenings at the Playboy Mansion while she was dating Hugh Hefner; and "Kendra," which now chronicles her day-to-day life with her husband and son. Wilkinson is married to NFL player Hank Baskett, who previously played for the Philadelphia Eagles, and the couple has a two-year-old son, Hank Jr. After hitting the red carpet at Harrah's Resort, Wilkinson dished about and her exercise routine, the possibility of more children, her South Jersey roots and her time in the City of Brotherly Love.

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Your Mom's a Jersey girl, so for you to be here and to do an appearance in her home state, what is that like for you?

I have Jersey in me--in my blood--and every time I come back, it feels so great! I have so many friends here, I have family here; it feels like I'm coming back to my roots, and just being invited to the Pool After Dark every year--it's just such a great thing. And I love being a part of it. I always say, I have a West Coast personality but an East Coast attitude--I'm part-Jersey/Philly girl.

Any plans for baby number two?

Not now. I'm enjoying my alcohol a little too much (laughs)! No--we're very balanced out right now, so we would love to have another baby, but maybe not just now.

About this time last year, you were practicing for Dancing with the Stars. What advice would you give to the new cast?

Make the best of it. My biggest pet peeve when I was on there was when people said, 'Just have fun.' That it the worst advice you can give anybody on that damn show, because everybody is like, 'Whatever,' because that's all you hear. You're completely numb to hearing that, [and] you're like, 'Shut up!' I guess my advice would be to just make the best of it."

What do you do to stay fit?

I love working out, I love being active. I play every sport in the book, and I just try to have fun with my workouts. I'm a grazer--I don't eat meals, I graze. Lately, I learned how to cook Brussels sprouts and stuff like that, so we've been eating a lot of those, having a lot of good salads. If you know how to make things taste good, you can eat healthy and feel good. I can't eat bad--I had a piece of pizza in Hawaii for the first time in months, and I had the worst stomachache. It was the worst feeling. I can't eat like that anymore.

You spent time in Philadelphia--do you ever get the opportunity to come back?

I lived here for a little bit, and my family, like I said, is from South Jersey. So I have it in me, I have it in my blood. So I always relate to Philly and Jersey. I love coming back and partying with the people.

Kendra And Veronica Dudo
(Credit: Tom Briglia/PhotoGraphics Photography)


For the March 9th weekend, the 2012 Atlantic 10 Men's Basketball Championship bounces into historic Boardwalk Hall. The Platters, The Marvelettes and Cornell Gunter's Coasters will perform a concert at the Golden Nugget together; meanwhile, the Dropkick Murphys have a show at the House of Blues on Friday, and the 2012 Dubstep Music Awards take place at HOB on Saturday.

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