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Sideline Saul: Kobe

By Saul Stokes

The Philly guy that most Philadelphian's hate.

They haven't forgiven him for saying he wanted to cut the Sixers hearts out in the 2001 finals. What he showed then is why he's one of the best players to ever lace up sneaks. He's a cold blooded assassin, just like his idol Michael Jordan.

His drive and work ethic is second to none.

Last night he moved past Shaquille O'Neal into 5th place on the NBA all time scoring list and the new Sixers ownership group dropped the ball. They didn't acknowledge it. No announcement over the PA system, nothing. It was all the talk before the game.

Was this done on purpose or they didn't think about it? Who knows?

He's local kid that now is in the top five. I know the history of Kobe and Philly, but they should have mentioned it. He deserved better. In any other arena in the NBA, they would have done it.

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