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Sharyl Attkisson: Brian Williams Not Alone; Hillary Clinton Lied About Being Shot At In Bosnia

By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- In the wake of NBC Anchor Brian Williams apologizing for a story that he has told a number of times in which he falsely claims to have been in a helicopter that was shot at by a rocket-propelled grenade, former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson shared a similar story about presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton with WPHT morning host Chris Stigall in November of 2014.


"I had come home from an overseas trip vacation and my husband says, 'when you went to Bosnia 12 years ago with the First Lady, were you shot at?' and I'm like 'No. I think that I would know if we were shot at."

The trip was one in which the two women were with the First Daughter, Sinbad, and among others Sheryl Crow, and was one that Hillary had called a "work trip" and Attkisson remembers as "a lovely thing."

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"No, she must have made another trip there, because she's not talking about our trip", said Attkisson when asked by her husband if she was sure that she had not been shot at on that trip.

"I mean it was a hostile area and they told us there was a slight chance there could be hostilities, but if anybody had shot at us, I mean, it wasn't any place where she had to be. We would have landed somewhere else if someone was shooting at us. We wouldn't have landed among sniper fire and ran to a car."

Attkisson still has the video from her story notes that compared what Clinton said happened vs. what she says actually happened.

"The video showed, and I thought that this was a pretty good way to explain it—I put her in a box saying 'we get off the plane and we had to duck and run for cover and there was sniper fire and then I show the video of what was really happening and she's getting off the plane and she's waving, shaking hands with a little school girl…"

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