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SEPTA Strike Negotiations Reach Day 4

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The fourth day of the SEPTA strike is upon us.

The Transport Workers Union, which represents bus drivers, cashiers and trolley and subway operators -- have been at the bargaining table with top SEPTA officials for days trying to hash out a deal.

Group Pitches In To Provide Free Rides During SEPTA Strike

That includes Thursday when they began at 11:30 a.m. and lasted well into the night.

No deal yet, but a SEPTA spokesman says it's a positive that both sides are still talking and crunching numbers.

The main issue at the table now: pensions.

A mediator is working with the two sides trying to get all the employees off the picket line.

SEPTA says if they file an injunction to get employees back to work for Election Day, the measure would be filed in the Court of Common Friday, but it's a last resort as they want to continue talks and come up with a resolution.

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