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SEPTA Police Chief Tweets Picture Of Alleged Phone Snatcher

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- SEPTA's police chief is taking to social media to try to catch a man authorities say has been targeting women and stealing cell phones.

Benjamin Teague Jr. (credit: SEPTA)

SEPTA's police chief Thomas Nestel sent a Tweet with a photo of suspect Benjamin Teague, Junior that read: "every transit cop in the city has your picture. Hope you like cheese sandwiches." Cheese sandwiches a reference to prison food.

SEPTA spokeswoman Gerri Williams says they believe Teague is more than just a thief.

"We consider him dangerous because during his thefts, he is assaulting people. If they hold on to their phone too tight, he may smack them or hit them."

The battle against subway cell phone thieves has been ongoing. SEPTA said last year on average, 39 cell phones were lost or stolen each month throughout their mass transit system.

They recommend everyone download free apps that will track a phone if it's lost or stolen, to help make the phones less attractive to thieves.

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