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Ronald McDonald House Helps Pre-Birth Babies

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)-  Sometimes couples stay at the Ronald McDonald House while they are waiting for their babies to be born. For Mia and Adriana, from California, the care and comfort the Ronald McDonald House provides is something they didn't even think they'd need.

Adriana Velasquez and Mia Rexroth are having twins -- a girl named River and a boy named Ryder.

A few weeks ago the couple found out their son has a rare disorder that may keep him hospitalized for months called OEIS - a rare condition that happens in about 1 in 2,000 pregnancies and will involve many surgeries after birth. They flew to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for the expert opinion of doctors in Philadelphia.

Before they could take a flight home, Adriana had some contractions and she and Mia were told to head to the Ronald McDonald House. There the two have found support, care, compassion and new friends. In time, they know they will leave with heartfelt gratitude.

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