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Reporter: Trump Must Prove He Is Not Compromised By Russians

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Reporter AB Stoddard, from Real Clear Politics, called for an end to the veil of secrecy regarding Donald Trump's financial dealings with Russia in the aftermath of reports that Vladimir Putin's government may be in possession of incriminating evidence against the incoming President.

Stoddard, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Trump's ties to Russia are suspicious and he should disclose all relevant information.


"I want to see his tax returns and I want to know if he is not financially indebted to people connected to the government. Everyone who is rich in Russia, by the way, is connected to the government there. Putin is one of the wealthiest men in the world. There is something about the Russians that Donald Trump believes deserves protection. He won't express any skepticism on Russia. Until and unless he releases his tax returns and exonerates himself and proves, like he said in a tweet, he has no loans, no deals, no nothing with them, we are going to continue to question why he protects the Russians."


She questioned why Trump treats Vladimir Putin with such deference while criticizing the actions of other nations.

"I just think that the way he speaks about Russia, compared to the way he speaks about the Chinese and others is stand-out weird...He's done business in Russia...Look at the way he talks about the Chinese. Why is Putin wonderful? Why is the annexation of Crimea OK?"

Stoddard also stated Trump's business practices must change significantly once he assumes office.

"He has yet to come forward and articulate the appropriate separations between his business and his role as President. They continue to have new deals. They continue to pressure governments to stay at the Trump Hotel. It is a kleptocracy until it is not. They are lining their pockets. It's inappropriate."


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