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Red Light Cameras Begin Operation In Abington Township

By Diana Rocco

ABINGTON, Pa., (CBS) -- More red light cameras are popping up in our area.

These latest eyes in the sky are in Abington Township, Montgomery County.

At midnight Friday, red light cameras click on at three of the town's busiest, and, according to police, most dangerous intersections.

"They were a mess down in Philadelphia when they first started and what if somebody borrowed my car and drove it, I would be responsible for it, even though I wasn't the driver so I don't think, again, it's a fair thing," driver Mary Ann Kerr said.

The cameras are at the corners of Susquehanna and Old York Roads, Old York and Welsh Roads, and Fitzwatertown and Moreland Roads.

Police say red light running was hard to stop at all of these intersections, until now.

"Because the configuration of those intersections it's been virtually impossible to do normal enforcement. And now that the red light technology is here, we're using that to make those dangerous intersections safer," Abington Police Chief Bill Kelly said.

The police chief says they are trying to reduce accidents. Fines are $100, and they won't take effect until October and Abington won't see any of the revenue.

Money collected will go to PennDOT and to pay for the cost of the program.

"I think they're a revenue generator. You get tickets in the mail after running a red light or a being little bit late for a red light, and I don't think it really helps traffic at all," driver Lance Hale said.

This pilot program lasts one year. At the end, the police chief says they will hold public hearings and re-evaluate the need.

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