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Family Growing Angry After Another Delay In Trial For Accused Cop Killers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There is another delay in the trial for the accused killers of Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III, who was shot to death three years ago after interrupting a robbery in a game store.

Ramone Williams and Carlton Hipps are accused of shooting Wilson during a robbery at a North Philadelphia GameStop in 2015.

Wilson's frustrated family and fellow officers are trying to get the case moved out of the city.

Family Of Fallen Officer Wants Philadelphia DA Off Case

On Wednesday, the judge granted a defense request for more time to prepare, angering Wilson's family.

"There's no reason why we should sit here and still keep giving more time," said Shaki'ra Wilson-Burroughs. "For what, murderers? Killers? My brother didn't get more time."

It's not just the delays. Wilson-Burroughs says the family is worried about District Attorney Larry Krasner's relationship with the defense attorneys, who served on his transition team, and his stated opposition to the death penalty, which the family believes is warranted.

"Just as he stood up for the law and protected those citizens in that store," she said, "Krasner should be doing the same for my brother."

Police Commissioner Richard Ross and FOP president John McNesby were in the courtroom. McNesby says he'll seek to have the trial moved.

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"Somewhere where the family feels they can get a fair shake," McNesby said.

"They're very upset about what they think is going to happen relative to potential sentence," said Ross.

In office for just three months, Krasner ran an anti-death penalty campaign.

There's fear he'll reverse a previous decision, designating the prosecution "a capital case."

"Well look if we have capital cases available in the Commonwealth - that's my opinion that's what we probably should be looking at," Ross said.

The family has suggested the state attorney general take the case.


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