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Proposed 'Right To Remove' Measure Could Change Social Media Policies

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Should social media platforms be forced to allow users to delete their entire pre-Age 18 posting history?

Well ahead of the June 8th snap election in Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged new protections for online users.

A proposed measure in the UK would force social networks like Facebook and Twitter to allow users to wipe out their whole pre-adulthood posting history.

"They're not fully under the law and that needs to be taken under consideration."

That's Social Media user Matt Rice from Delaware County.

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"Although implicitly you enter into a license when you use some sort of sort of social network, I think ultimately the user owns that info and it should be removed upon their request," he said.

The so-called "right to remove" or right to innocence" measure hopes to protect users from inappropriate content from their under-aged past from making an unwanted comeback.

Catherine Scheunemeann said, "I know classmates that have had it affect them, so it's always best to just have that opportunity to say okay yes I was young and dumb, but understand that I'm a mature adult now."

You can delete old posts now and your profile, but this measure would save you the time and hassle of going through every single post and losing online friends.

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