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Anti-Abortion Group To Send An Airborne Statement Over Philadelphia Before DNC

By Marcy Norton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There are a lot of security measures going into effect ahead of next week's Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, including restrictions on the use of air space. But a pro-life group is getting around that by starting its airborne-activism today.

A couple of times a day through Sunday evening, the group "Created Equal" will be flying a pro-life themed banner over the city.

It will include the words, "Defend Unborn Children," along with a photo of an aborted fetus.

The flights will end before the convention starts on Monday.

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Created Equal national director Mike Harrington says, "Well, we did actually plan to include the four days of the convention, but the FAA put a virtual no-fly zone over Philadelphia."

The Federal Aviation Administration is not allowing those types of non-commercial flights within 30 nautical miles of the city from late Sunday until midday on Friday, for security reasons.

Harrington says similar restrictions have been in place in Cleveland for the Republican convention. Created Equal flew a similar banner over that city before the RNC.


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