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Pre Game Playlist: The Side of Tamba Hali You Didn't Know

By David Heim

Most people know Tamba Hali as the Pro Bowl linebacker wreaking havoc on the Kansas City Chiefs defense. But what most people do not know, is that Hali plays a pretty big role in the music industry. 

"I don't think people know I do music," Hali said. "I'm low-key about it. Since I got to the country, I love rhyming. I couldn't read in the fifth grade, but when I started to read that's when I started to like rhyming."

After Hali discovered his passion for music, rap in particular, he began following some of the biggest figures in the business. 

"That's when I started to listen to Jay-Z and Biggie, all of those guys from the east coast," Hali said. 

With the rap industry ever changing, Hali feels the best kind is the one that is real. 

"My rap has to be real, so everything I talk about has to be relevant," Hali said. "One thing I learned, when I was young writing, I was fabricating everything. As time went on, as I continued to work on it, I realized it's easier to write about what's real." 

Hali even has his own song- 'Hell Yea.'

The music industry has consumed Hali's non-football life, too. 

"I spend more money on musical equipment I'd say," Hali said. 


Hali has partnered with other artists as well. 

"Gillie's (Da Kid) my artist," Hali said. "It's a joint adventure. We have a few singles out right now. We have a single with Jeremih- it's called 'Tattoo.' We have 'Single,' and we'll be playing on the radio."

See, you learn something new everyday. 

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David Heim is a fan of the New England Patriots and New York Yankees. He’s also a contributor to CBS Local Sports and can be reached at or on Twitter @davidheim12. 

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