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Posting '10 Concerts' To Facebook Opens Door To Hackers, Experts Warn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A cyber security expert warns Facebook users to think twice before posting about your 10 concerts.

A popular Facebook trend making the rounds asks friends to figure out which one of 10 concerts they really didn't attend and a note about the first concert they ever saw. But before you join in with the social media crowd, cyber security consultant Joseph Ingemi says be careful.

"You are giving information to others," he said, "and not to sound cliché, that information can be used against you in some way."

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Though it was probably started in good fun, hackers would love to have this information.

"The first thing that came to mind was a phishing attack where they could see your preferences and probably glean some demographics info from your band preference and send an email that says something like free tickets to whatever band you said you liked," Ingemi said. "You click on it and then you've downloaded malware or a virus and they have access to your network."

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Another way hackers could get into your account is through resetting your password.

"When you forget your password to various things, one of the questions is what was the first concert you ever attended," Ingemi said. "Well, if you have that list you could do some reverse engineering to figure out what might have been the first concert."

Another way to protect for information is check your privacy setting on Facebook to make sure your only sharing certain information with your "friends" and not public.

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