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Poll: Pa. Voters Prefer Rendell Over Corbett

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) - A new survey by a Democrat-friendly polling firm shows more Pennsylvania voters would rather have Ed Rendell back in the governor's office than the incumbent.

In his own words, Public Policy Polling Director Tom Jensen describes PPP as a "Democratic polling firm" but claims this poll of Pennsylvania voters was conducted independently. In a head to head match-up, it found voters would prefer former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell to incumbent Republican Tom Corbett by a margin of 46 to 40 percent. Democrat Attorney General-Elect Kathleen Kane ties Corbett.

And, while Corbett has modest leads over other Democrats in head to head match-ups, Jensen notes, "There's a lot of undecideds in each of those match-ups, and the undecideds are generally people who are Democratic-leaning voters, they disapprove of Corbett, but they don't actually know who many of these potential Democratic candidates are."

Jensen also says in all of Corbett's head-to-head match-ups he does not get higher than 42 percent.

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