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Police Investigate Rash Of Overnight Burglaries In Abington Township

By Natasha Brown

ABINGTON, Pa., (CBS) -- Police in Montgomery County are investigating a series of break-ins.

The thieves have taken a liking to Abington Township, striking there four times since the beginning of the month.

"Left my laptop on the coffee table, went up to bed, and when I came down, the laptop was missing so I know that something had happened," a burglary victim said.

Something had happened. A burglar had invaded her home in the 1500 block of Grovania Avenue while she was sleeping in the overnight hours of August 11.

"This whole plant was removed from the window.  The screen was pushed all the way up and he had pried the window open," she said.

The signs were there. This victim who didn't want to reveal her identity had been the victim of a home invasion burglary.  Her laptop stolen, her purse gone, her sense of safety shattered.

(Reporter:) Were you scared?

"It's unnerving that someone could have been in the home and I'm upstairs and I'm sleeping, and anything could have happened," she said.

This woman shared her story but Abington Police say there are other victims whose homes were also burglarized that same night.

"I am surprised because usually this is a very quiet, safe neighborhood," neighbor Esther Guyton-Holiday said.

Between the hours of 12:15 and 2:45 a.m., someone pushed open an unlocked window on a home in 1900 block of Welsh Road stealing an iPad. And same scenario in the 1700 block of Edge Hill Road with the suspect gaining entry through an unlocked rear window.

"Our doors are locked all the time, even though we have a couple dogs that bark anytime somebody comes by," neighbor Bob Greenspon said.

Surveillance cameras captured these images of a suspect during an attempted break-in on August 2 in the 200 block of Moredon Road.

This victim now has an alarm system and more cautious now more than ever.

"Because you're in a suburban neighborhood, it does not keep you safe from crime," she said.

These suspects according to police appear to be traveling either on foot or by bicycle, able to get in and out of these neighborhood pretty much unnoticed for the most part.  Police are urging residents to keep all their doors and windows to their homes and cars locked at all times.

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