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Police: Fake Utility Workers Steal $10,000 In Jewelry From Senior Citizen In Abington

ABINGTON Twp., Pa., (CBS) – Police say two men posing as utility workers allegedly stole from a senior citizen in Abington Township.

It happened at 1:30 p.m. on November 14th on Mill Road in the Meadowbrook section.

Abington Police say a senior citizen was approached by a man who identified himself as a "water company employee" as he walked out his driveway to get his mail.

According to police, he told the victim that another house in the neighborhood had experienced flooding in their basement and he would have to go into the victim's home to check his water pressure to make sure there wasn't a problem.

The victim then escorted the suspect into his house and showed him where the bathrooms were. Police say the suspect went into each bathroom and flushed the toilets and turned faucets on in other fixtures.

The victim stated to police that at one point while he was in the master bathroom with the suspect, a second man approached them and told the first suspect that "everything looked good," but instructed him to keep checking the water pressure.

The victim does not know how or when the second man entered the house.

According to police, both males left the house shortly after this conversation.

After they left, police say the victim realized that about $10,000 worth of jewelry had been removed from various locations within the master bedroom.

"The people who are committing these crimes, we believe them to be transient criminals that are very good at fooling people into making them believe that they are legitimate. If someone does knock on a door, feel free to leave them outside, keep the door locked, call the police. We'll be glad to come out there and check them out," Dep. Chief John Livingood of Abington Township Police said.

Suspect #1 is described as a white male, 50-to-55-years-old with an olive complexion. He is 5'7" with a medium build and was wearing a blue hard hat, tan pants, and a tan coat.

Suspect #2 is described as a white male, 45-years-old with an olive complexion. He is 5'8" with a medium build and was wearing blue pants and an unknown color hooded sweatshirt. He also had thinning hair that was combed back.

Anyone with information is asked to call Abington Township Police.

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