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Planting 'Forced' Bulbs May Be A Bright Idea

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Pots of bulbs in bloom are rather irresistible. Put a parade of them down your table for Passover or Easter, then enjoy them in the house for a week or so. (Remember, the flowers will last longer if you have them out of direct sun.)

And then, the big question is 'Can you plant them?'

People will tell you 'No,' insisting that forced bulbs never flower again. But, years ago I took the advice of a very experienced bulb grower who simply said, 'I plant them all - just put them in the ground.' So I do too.

Lots of the bulbs have come up again over the years, maybe others don't, but honestly who can keep track? Daffodils seem more reliable than tulips, but I've had luck with both.

So, my advice is to buy potted bulbs you like, enjoy them inside until the flowers are finished, then as soon you can dig, plant them outside in a sunny spot. Maybe they'll bloom again, maybe they won't, but since spring is the season of fresh possibilities, why not take a chance on hope?

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