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Pinups Promote Positive Image For Pit Bulls

By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Lights – camera – take action!

The organization Pinups for Pitbulls is shooting their 2014 calendar in a photography studio in Overbrook.

Deidre Franklin started the group in 2005 to promote a better image for pit bulls.

Pinups for Pitbulls helps rescue organizations and brings awareness to issues like Breed Specific Legislation, which targets pit bull-type dogs and restricts -- or even bans -- people from owning that breed.

The group believes pit bulls aren't the problem – irresponsible people are.

"We try to get that education out there and help people understand that there is a much broader issue going on," Franklin says. "People need to spay and neuter their pets and use positive training instead of using choke, or force or shock, which a lot of people do which creates fearful dogs."

The calendar is their biggest fundraising tool, and this year's theme is "adventure."

The organization doesn't use professional models; instead, they use volunteers who support the cause and dogs that have been rescued, like Harlow, who will be in the October shoot.

Photographer Celeste Guiliano enjoys shooting the models and the dogs.

"It's definitely funny to see how sometimes they don't like to step on the paper, or sometimes the lights might scare them. But everyone is working as a team so sometimes we have five different people screaming out [the dog's] name to get its attention."

"I have a huge love for pit bulls and animal rescues alike, and who doesn't want to be a pinup for pit-bull?" said Meredith Hammock, who was selected as Miss October out of 700 applicants.

She flew up with her dog, Harlow, from Texas just to be a part of the shoot. Hammock says her pit bull loves the attention.

"She is beautiful! She loves the camera and the camera loves her."

When the calendar is done, everyone involved hopes it will bring awareness that pit bulls should be loved, not feared.

"They are very loyal, extremely intelligent and despite what the average person thinks of them, they are the sweetest and best family dog that you could possibly ask for," Hammock said.

"I take this very seriously," Franklin agreed. "I take my dog's safety very seriously, and I take the public's safety very seriously, so I wanted to be the best voice I can possibly be."

If you want more information on Pinups for Pitbulls or want to reserve your copy of the 2014 calendar, visit:

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