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Philadelphia's Election Fraud Task Force To Be Watching Polling Places On Pennsylvania Primary Day

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia's Election Fraud Task Force is up and running ahead of next week's Pennsylvania primary. Preserving the integrity of any election is the number one priority of election officials and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.

During Tuesday's primary election, dozens of eagle-eyed officials will either be watching polling places, or ready to be deployed, to make sure things go smoothly.

"We're concerned with crimes. If you see something that looks like it shouldn't be occurring on Election Day, please give us a call," said assistant district attorney Andrew Wellbrock.

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The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office will be deploying its Election Fraud Task Force during Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary election.

The polls open at 7 a.m. on May 21 and voters will be streaming through to cast their ballots for both state and local elections. The task force will specifically be looking for those violating election laws, whether it be voters or candidates at the polls.

"It is a very large ballot this time around and there will be many candidates outside of polling places. It's important to remember as long as they are 10 feet away from the doors, they are fine," said Wellbrock.

Officials say candidates campaigning too close to polling booths is the most common complaint during any election. Those with disabilities also need to know their rights as it pertains to voting.

"A voter can only have assistance in the polls if they have a disability, they are blind or they are illiterate," said Wellbrock.

The task force of assistant district attorneys and as many as 20 district attorney detectives will be strategically deployed before the polls open and will remain their until the polls close and the last voter has cast a ballot.

"With candidates running for mayor, city council, judges and with important ballot questions, the Election Task Force has an important responsibility to protect every citizen's voice and vote," said first assistant district attorney Robert Listenbee.

The DA's Election Task Force has set up a hotline to call if you see any violations at the polls on Election Day. That number is 215-686-9641.

They are also recommending that you double check your polling location ahead of time, so there's no confusion on Election Day.

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