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Philadelphia Teen's Advice to Obama: Include Peer Mentoring To Guide Minority Youth

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A high school senior stole the show today at a Philadelphia panel discussion on a recent White House initiative for boys and young men of color.

The discussion on the "My Brother's Keeper" program took place at the School of the Future, in the city's Parkside neighborhood.  It started by exploring ways to reduce tensions between police and young black men.

"Adults get together and talk about all the problems of young people, but we don't often include young people in that conversation," noted Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey (second from left in photo).

The panel included Mayor Nutter (center of photo) and schools superintendent William Hite (far left).  But it was Nate Bolden (far right), a senior at the School of the Future, who said it isn't enough for adults to talk with young people.

"I'm the bad kid (being told), 'Young man, you're doing the wrong thing,' " Bolden said as a hypothetical illustration.  "In my mind, I don't care what you are saying to me.  I really don't care because you are an older adult and I'm in my own world.  I'm 18!  I can do whatever I want."

Bolden said a younger mentor's perspective is necessary to truly get through.


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