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Philadelphia Residents Preparing For Extreme Heat, Health Department Issues Heat Caution Alert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Residents are preparing as dangerous heat heads for the Philadelphia region this week. The Philadelphia Health Department issued a heat caution alert for Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

"I hate summer running," one woman said.

It's rise and grind if you want to work out in this weather. Runners like Stacey started early Tuesday morning to beat the heat -- well aware of the heatwave coming our way.

"I knew that tomorrow is going to be even hotter than today, and I had speed work to do. So I might as well do it Tuesday when it's cooler, so I'm not killing myself out here even more than I should," Stacey said.

Others had the same idea but opted for an activity that's a little more laidback.

"It's gonna be hot," Cordero Shorter, a scooter rider, said. "It's gonna be like 95 and above all week. So I was trying to get down here early, so it's much cooler down here when you get out here early. If you wait until about 12 p.m. you can forget about it. There's no point in you even coming out here."

For those who are set on getting some exercise, experts recommend you wear the proper clothes and drink plenty of water in order to avoid heat-related illness.

"Wear a little bit of layers," Stacey said. "If you're wearing a shirt, have it be sweat-wicking. Bring water with you, electrolytes, shades, cover your head, try to find a pool if you can. If not, try to stay in air conditioning.

Riding out this heatwave at home may be the best advice to stay cool and conserve energy. Experts recommend you adjust your thermostat preferably to 78 degrees for maximum efficiency.

You should also check and replace your air filters, close up your blinds and seal up any cracks or openings around your house. You should also use smaller appliances and do larger loads of laundry when you have to.

"The more people who use energy, the more taxing it can be to the energy system, to the electrical system. So you want to do your part and you don't want to overuse. It helps your neighbor, it helps you," Dave Schrader, NRG Communication Senior Manager, said.

The Office of Homeless Services is going to be out throughout Philadelphia in the coming days, handing out water bottles to anyone who needs it and encouraging everyone to spend as much time indoors as possible.

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