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Leaders Across Philadelphia Region Condemn Russian Attack On Ukraine

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Leaders across the Philadelphia region are speaking out against Russia's attack on Ukraine, with many condemning the action. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf condemned the attack, echoing President Joe Biden's words in his statement:

"I stand with President Biden in condemning the unprovoked and unjustified Russian military invasion of the independent country of Ukraine. This attack on a peaceful country is shocking and its impacts will be far reaching. I urge democratic leaders across the globe to unite and respond decisively to this unjustified and unlawful attack. Frances and I pray for the people of Ukraine, as well as the Pennsylvanians who have loved ones living in Ukraine."

Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.), who is part of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called President Vladimir Putin's attack "unprovoked" and "coldly premeditated."

In part of his lengthy statement, Sen. Coons said:

"Over the past week, I've traveled to Germany, Poland and Lithuania. I've met with the leaders of our NATO allies and heard their stories of confronting the occupation of the old Soviet Union. I've met with European partners who have a renewed belief in the ties of the trans-Atlantic alliance. I've met with American soldiers and pilots in Lithuania and Poland who have been training alongside our allies, preparing to defend against Russian aggression should Putin's military turn on NATO member states. All of them wake up this morning to the news that Putin has launched the largest war in Europe since World War II."

New Jersey Congressman Donald Norcross also issued a statement condemning the invasion, saying in part, "I strongly condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin bears sole responsibility for this escalation in hostilities. Despite months of multilateral negotiations and engagement of many of our European allies and partners, Putin has decided to send troops into a sovereign nation."

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, who represents Pennsylvania's 5th congressional district, which includes Delaware County and portions of Philadelphia, Chester and Montgomery Counties, released a statement that said she supports Biden's actions so far.

Here's part of her statement:

"The scenes we are seeing out of Ukraine are horrifying and heartbreaking. Families crowded into subway stations to take cover from missile attacks. Mortar shells strewn on city streets. Buildings damaged. A nation in pain.

"I join the international community in condemning Russia's unprovoked, unjustified, and unlawful invasion of Ukraine. I stand in absolute solidarity with both the Ukrainian people and our own Ukrainian American community during this extremely difficult time.

"Make no mistake, Russia alone is responsible for the chaos that is unfolding. President Vladimir Putin has unleashed evil on the people of Ukraine — driven by his own delusion, ambition, and boundless hunger for power."

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