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Philadelphia's Mayor-elect Advances Plan For Universal Pre-K, Announcing Director For New Office

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia Mayor-elect Jim Kenney has appointed an educator and activist to the newly-created position of Pre-K Director.

It was one of four appointments announced Wednesday.

Jim Kenney jokingly called Anne Gemmell a "bomb thrower" in announcing her appointment.

"She loves to take the radical side of things and has brought me in many different areas to a place where I'm happy to be," said Kenney.

Case in point, universal Pre-K, perhaps Kenney's most ambitious initiative. He wants it in place by next school year -- something Gemmell says can be done.

"This vision, of having every child arrive in kindergarten ready to thrive is something that everyone is excited about," said Gemmell.

Along with Gemmell, Kenney retained Nellie Fitzpatrick as head of LGBT affairs, now a permanent city office; and named local NOW President Nina Ahmad Deputy Mayor for Public Engagement and Stephanie Monahon of PennPIRG as Chief Service Officer.

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