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Philadelphia Joins Boston, Montreal In Hosting Baseball Hack Day This Saturday

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- If baseball players were paid in hot dogs, priced as they are in each stadium... who would make the most? That's one of the questions answered by competitors in the annual Baseball Hack Day.

KYW tech editor Ian Bush reports baseball fans are invited to geek out on Saturday in Center City.

"A-Rod was the highest paid player, but he wasn't in the top five of highest hot dog winners -- because of the cost of a hot dog at Yankee Stadium."

That was an app built at a Baseball Hack Day a couple years ago -- what will they come up with this time around? Kyle Fiedler helps run the Philly event.

"Designers, developers, baseball enthusiasts form teams of four people," said Fiedler.

The goal: to develop a baseball app, website, or just a cool way to visualize data -- in one day.

And, Fiedler tells us on Skype, you don't have to know how to write code to play. Red Sox and ex-Expos fans are in on this too, with simultaneous events in Boston and Montreal.

"It's a competition within the cities, and for the first time we're doing a competition between the cities as well."

Prizes include subscriptions and Phillies tickets. It's at CityCoHo at 24th and Walnut, complete with food you'd find at a ballpark.

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