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Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz Playing Worst Football Of Career As Injuries Mount

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz told reporters he's "a little ticked off" about the way he played in Sunday's loss to the Los Angeles Rams as injuries continue to mount for the team. If the Birds are to forget about the first two games and turn the season around, much of the onus fells on Wentz to be much better than he's been.

To be blunt, Wentz is playing some of the worst football of his career. Right now, he is among the bottom five of quarterbacks in passer rating, completion percentage and interceptions.

Heading into Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Wentz is confident he can turn it around.

"This business, this game, confidence can turn on people real quickly. For us it's going back to what you know -- it's believing in yourself, it's the entire body of work ever since you were a kid and just how you train, how you work and how your prepare," Wentz said. "There's going to be rough times, there's going to be rough patches. I think we have a really good group of guys in this locker room that lean in on each other, and trust each other and encourage each other no matter what the outside world is saying or thinking."

Head coach Doug Pederson spent time lauding Wentz's ability to see the game, calling him a deep thinker. But when Pederson was asked about Wentz missing seemingly easy throws, the head coach snapped back.

"Have you played quarterback in the National Football League? They're not layups. There's not a throw out here that's a layup," Pederson said. "Some of it is just timing with young guys. Some of it is Carson just being not accurate at that particular time. It could be that there's a defensive guy that flashed a hand where he's got to change his arm angle at the split second. There's all kinds of reasons for accuracy and these are things that we continue to work on and will continue to work on the entire season."

While Pederson and Wentz are staying positive, the injury bug is biting the 0-2 Eagles hard once again.

Defensive stalwart Fletcher Cox is day-to-day with an oblique injury and guard Isaac Seumalo will miss a few weeks with a knew injury.

However, the big one is rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor as he tore a ligament in his thumb and is out Sunday and likely for several weeks.

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