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Phila. Teachers' Union To Corbett: We've Already Offered Concessions

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Governor Corbett yesterday called out the Philadelphia teachers union for not contributing to a solution for the school district's fiscal mess. The union says the governor is wrong.

Speaking to reporters after signing the state budget (see related story), Governor Corbett says the city, the state and the school district have contributed to solving the district's financial crisis.

But he says, not the teachers, "We need to have the public sector teacher union in Philadelphia step up and make concessions."

Corbett says it's "unfathomable" that Philadelphia teachers don't contribute toward their health care premiums.

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers president Jerry Jordan says his union publicly offered to begin health contributions, "We've put the money on the table.  The district has chosen for more than a year not to take it."

Jordan says it's unfathomable that his members are going into their fourth year without a raise.

The district has already negotiated concessions from its principals and maintenance workers unions.

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