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Pennsylvana's Top Cop And AG Kane Disagree On Mexican Cartels

By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Pennsylvania's two top law enforcement officials have decidedly different assessments of the degree to which violent Mexican drug cartels have infiltrated the state.

Last week, Attorney General Kathleen Kane couldn't have been more emphatic as she testified at legislative budget hearings that she needs more funding to help fight specific threats, among them:

"Mexican drug cartels. They are in Pennsylvania -- they are taking over our neighborhoods."

But yesterday, State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan told the state Senate Appropriations Committee he did not share Kane's assessment:

"As far as, like, Mexican cartels coming into Pennsylvania and taking over drug distribution – we don't see that. What we do see is Mexican cartels – they're the source of drugs."

But Noonan says he's not aware of any place in Pennsylvania where Mexican cartels are taking over. He says most gang violence in the state is still associated with groups like the Crips and Bloods.

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