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Woman Who Wants Power Turned Off Says PECO Left 'Do Not Call Again' Note

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) – As thousands across the region wait for their power to come back on after Wednesday's nor'easter, one woman in Pennsylvania is begging for her power to be turned off.

Dawn Chaifetz has had a few sleepless nights because wires are hanging from her roof.

"The tree fell on Friday and was laying on the power lines which ripped the connection from the house. The connection exposed live wires on my roof and they've been sparking," Chaifetz said.

She is worried that the sparking wires pose a fire hazard. Even more concerning, her 5-year-old son's bedroom is just below the problem area.

"I wish they would turn my power off. I'm the only person in the world that wants my power turned off right now. I'm begging them to cut mine off," said Chaifetz.

She says PECO did come out and left this note on her door saying, "PECO will remove the tree from the lines and fix the wire attachments." It went on to say, "Do Not Call Again you are in the system."

"They left me a note saying do not call anymore. And a couple of hours later sparks were shooting out of my house and the fire department had to come. So, you know, I am gonna keep calling," Chaifetz says.

CBS3 reached out to PECO representatives and they tell us they did remove the tree from the line when they came out to the house over the weekend and they checked for safety concerns.

After our phone call Thursday, PECO says they sent another crew back to home to make additional repairs shoring things up to make sure the property is safe.

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