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Parents Can Monitor Children's Social Media Activity With mSpy

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Teens and tweens love Snapchat because the pictures and videos self-destruct after a period of time and parents cannot see what they're sending. Now, there's new software available to help parents spy on their child's online activities.

For $40 a month parents can find out exactly what their children are Snapchatting-- through new software called mSpy.

Uri Soroka, the chief operating officer, says mSpy is a tool for parents to educate their childen about online activities.

"You need to have physical access to the device and you install the software on the device," Soroka said. "About 10-15 minutes after you install it on the phone, you can log into a control panel online and you see everything that happens on the phone."

The software runs in stealth mode and leaves no icon on the device. So you can don't have to even have to tell your kids it's there.

"We have a responsibility as parents to try and make sure their safe whether its from cyber-bullying or sexting and other things that are dangerous and they need to be educated about."

The program also monitors texts, Skype calls and WhatsApp messages.

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