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PA Attorney General's Office Taking 2nd Look At Assault Case Involving LeSean McCoy

By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pennsylvania Solicitor General Bruce Castor says the Attorney General's Office is reviewing District Attorney Seth Williams' decision, 12 days ago, not to file criminal charges against LeSean McCoy, his companions, or anyone else in a February bar brawl that left two off-duty Philadelphia police officers hurt.

"I think it's completely accurate to say LeSean McCoy and anyone else allegedly involved in this incident are not totally cleared," Castor told Eyewitness News, explaining that he and AG's office investigators had visited Central Detective Division, speaking with detectives there, examining evidence, including videos, on which the DA had based his decision.

The Attorney General's Office decision came in a letter to Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby, who had requested a review of the case.

"There's a lot about this case that isn't known," McNesby told Eyewitness News."We just want a fresh set of eyes to take a look at it."

McCoy's attorney, Dennis Cogan in a phone interview told Eyewitness News,"I have a high regard for Bruce Castor. I am confident he will find no abuse of discretion in the DA's decision not to prosecute."

Castor pointed out actions to reverse prosecutors' decisions are rare, requiring  overwhelming evidence, and would have to be forwarded and approved by a judge.

Finally, DA Williams responded to CBS 3 inquiries in an email reading, in part, "I stand by my decision not to issue charges against anyone. My officers worked diligently to investigate this matter and, in the end, there was not adequate evidence to prove that any individual committed a criminal offense."

So far, there's no time frame on when the the AG's Office will announce its decision.

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