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Open For Business: Did You Know Kennett Square Is The Mushroom Capital Of The World? Let's Head To The Mushroom Cap

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. (CBS) -- Did you know a town outside of Philadelphia is the mushroom capital of the world? On this week's Open for Business segment, CBS3 heads to a business in Kennett Square where you can find all things mushroom.

The Mushroom Cap is located on State Street in Kennett Square. It's a boutique that puts the capital mushroom in the mushroom capital of the world.

Owner Kathi Lafferty happily sells all things mushrooms including ornaments and umbrellas that are complete with a cold case of fresh plucks from their personal forager.

"This is what we used to grow these were picked this morning," Lafferty said.

But, if you thought she didn't have "" for more, she's managed to even pop in a museum for some good measure.

"From the real Mushroom Museum on Route 1, they offered me pieces which I had to take them because where would our heritage be without the pieces," Lafferty said.

The moral of her story is her store isn't just a piece of who she is, it represents all the people that have thrived in this small town because of this small miracle.

"Since 2004 we opened here, but my husband was in the mushroom business," Lafferty said.

She says her husband's family started in the business in 1946.

"We're the mushroom capital of the world and were known for that and we go back to the 1800s," Lafferty said.


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