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O'Neil Fires Back On 94WIP: 'Was Brown In The Final Four This Year?'

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) ---  Larry Brown has been coaching basketball since 1965 and what the Sixers are doing right now, "makes him sick to his stomach."

Brown, now the head coach at Southern Methodist University, has coached nine different NBA teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers from 1997-2003. Brown, of course, led the Sixers to an Eastern Conference Championship.

"He basically said the Sixers are making him sick to his stomach and a great town like Philadelphia deserves better than a bunch of guys that have no basketball background," 94WIP Morning Show host Angelo Cataldi said at the beginning of his show on Thursday morning. "The question is, what is their reaction?" Cataldi asked.

Well it only took about 20 minutes for Cataldi to get his answer, as Sixers CEO Scott O'Neil called into the 94WIP Morning Show to respond to Brown's harsh comments.

"You know, after seeing Larry Brown's SMU team in the Final Four this year it was tough to hear those kind of comments," O'Neil sarcastically said, taking at dig at Brown, whose SMU team failed to reach the NCAA tournament last season. "Was he in the Final Four this year?"



"Are you taking a shot at Larry Brown?" a shocked Cataldi asked.

"How are they doing? How are they gonna be this year?" O'Neil continued. "Nah, you know, I think it's hard for people not in the market to understand what we're doing and how we're doing it. I think the good thing about Philadelphia is that the fans certainly get it."

The Sixers began season two, aka "Tank 2.0", aka "Double Tank", with a 12-point loss to the Pacers, as their methodical plan to turn the franchise into a competitor continues.


Listen to the full interview of Scott O'Neil on the 94WIP Morning Show below:



Brown will join the 94WIP Morning Show Friday morning at 8am. You can listen live on 94.1 WIP-FM or online here


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