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Officials Offer Advice On Avoiding Rip Currents This Summer

OCEAN CITY, NJ (CBS) -- Rip currents at the Jersey Shore are causing a major concern for lifeguards and beach-goers.

Officials are giving guidelines on what you can do to stay safe from those dangerous currents.

On Friday, two swimmers who were struggling with rip currents at Ocean City had to be helped back to shore by lifeguards.

Chief Mark Jamieson with the Ocean City beach patrol says, contrary to popular belief, it is never too early in the season to see rip currents at the beach.

"They're not seasonal, we just happen to find out a lot about them in this season because people come to the beach a little bit more, so there are more statistics and data on it during the summer season," Jamieson said.

He says there are certain things you can do to protect yourself against rip currents.

"If you ever find yourself caught in a rip current, the number one thing is do not panic, try to stay as floaty and relaxed as possible. If you ever decide to go to the beach in an unguarded area, never swim alone and never go in for somebody if they are in trouble. Call 911," said Jamieson.

Jamieson says another thing you should do to protect yourself from rip currents is to find a lifeguard and make sure you stay in the protected areas between the green flags.

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