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Punk In Drublic: NOFX And Bad Religion Bring The Beers To Philadelphia

By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — "We just wanted to do a tour that we would like to go to" says Fat Mike from the legendary punk band NOFX.

The singer is one of the brains behind the Punk In Drublic Craft Beer And Music Festival which lands in Philadelphia on Sunday May 13th at Festival Pier.

"It's on a weekend, we only pick nice spots where the venues are, and no kids" he laughs.

Named after the band's 1994 breakout album, the day features a sampling of craft beers from California's Stone Brewing and local favorites like Yards, all with the backdrop of music from NOFX, Bad Religion, and a few other punk favorites. It's a new DIY way to celebrate Mother's Day.

After a handful of successful shows last year the tour goes international this summer - all under the watchful eye of Fat Mike, who knows that he's perfect to arrange such an occasion.

"It's got to be me" Mike explains over the phone. "I'm the one that's proud of my alcohol use and other things. It's not like I'm proud but I have no shame or pride in my life. I got rid of both those things. It's the way you're suppose to live."

NOFX | Credit: Joe Leonard

Success could mean a new summer tradition for a city that loves its beer and music. It seems like a natural progression for those who first sweated through sets from NOFX on The Warped Tour years ago.

Actually, shortly after the Punk In Drublic Craft Beer And Music Festival makes its debut in Philadelphia, The Warped Tour will make its final stop in town. It seems though like the two have grown in separate directions.

"I love The Warped Tour, it's just, we stopped doing it because he used to pay all the old bands really well, and then he stopped. When you start listening to what kids want on message boards, I think that's a problem. You tell kids what good music is, and then you tell the kids you can't come to the show either" laughs Mike.

The band might still play one stop on that tour, but Mike's focus is set on bringing this Festival to life.

"NOFX and Bad Religion, that's a good [*****] afternoon"

Tickets to the Punk In Drublic Craft Beer And Music Festival go on sale Friday March 2nd at 10:00 AM. You can find more information here.

To hear our entire talk with Fat Mike from NOFX, listen to the interview above or click here.

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