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News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | October 26

6:00 - The Eagles lose to the Panthers.

6:05 - Joe Biden has a sit down interview with 60 minutes.

6:18 - Jeb Bush could be doing 'cooler things' than running for President.

6:20 - Donald Trump may have done something 'damaging'.

6:35 - What's Trending: A close ending for the Jets, Miami blowout, AOL tweets confirms Joe Biden run for President, Taylor Swift Bad Blood meaning, human DNA found in hot dogs, Brown University apologizes for Malia Obama tweet.

6:50 - Ruben Amaro Jr. could possibly be a first base coach.

7:00 - Chris talks with Michael Bronstein and Colin Hanna on the Monday Morning Matchup regarding the Benghazi hearing with Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden's decision not to run for President.

7:20 - President Obama cracks down on standardized testing.

7:35 - Sesame Street adds new Autistic character.

7:50 - CBS3 Meteorologist  Kyla Grogan talks legging rules.

8:00 - Beasley Reece recaps the Panthers and Eagles game.

8:35 - What's Trending: Hot dog secret recipe, Taylor Swift back pedals on Bad Blood, Lamar Odom 's brothel visit, Chris Christie gets kicked off the quiet car.










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