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News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | June 17

Chris discussed city council passing a soda tax, coffee possibly causing cancer and the varying opinions regarding gun control from Sen. Pat Toomey and Sen. Ted Cruz. Chris spoke with economist Chris Butler on Finance Friday about the soda tax at 7:00 and actor & comedian Jonathan Kite regarding his success at 7:20. Chris also spoke with Michelle Minton, a fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, about Philadelphia's soda tax at 8:20.

6:00 Philadelphia becomes first major US city with soda tax

6:05 Coffee Struck From List of Possible Cancer-Causing Agents

6:10 Orlando Shooter Traveled to Saudi Arabia on Trip Organized By NYU Center

6:20 Senator Pat Toomey filibustering for guns

6:25 Ted Cruz calls Democrats' push for gun control 'offensive'

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6:50 Some surprised by Donald Trump's support of 'no-fly, no-buy'

7:00 Chris talks with economist Chris Butler on Finance Friday about Philadelphia's soda tax.

7:20 Chris talks with actor Jonathan Kite regarding his success, 2 Broke Girls and more.

7:35 Yuengling Toast of the Week 

7:50 Philadelphia School District Approves New Guidelines For Transgender Students

8:00 Stigall Mahal Quiz

8:17 Chris talks with Michelle Minton, a Competitive Enterprise Institute's fellow specializing in consumer policy regarding Philadelphia's soda tax.

8:35 - What's Trending: Red Hot Chili Peppers singer says he saved a baby's life while filming Carpool KaraokeMeat Loaf 'stable' after stage collapse



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