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News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | July 11

Chris discussed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's audition for sports talk radio in New York, reports that Donald Trump Jr received an advance email about Russian interference in the election and the potential that a new health care bill from Senate Republicans will be unveiled soon.

6:00 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hosted a sports radio show in New York.

6:20 Donald Trump Jr was emailed in advance about Russian interference in last year's presidential election.

6:35 What's Trending: Homerun Derby, Joel Embiid, Pitbull, The Rock, Baywatch, John Oliver, Kermit the Frog, Umbrella share

6:51 Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey says there is a new health care bill coming from Republicans in the Senate.

7:02 A Catholic High School in Downingtown has eliminated a regulation requiring girls wear leggings.

7:19 On CNN, Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway argued for a long time.

7:37 Washington Post: Things are so bad in Venezuela that people are rationing toothpaste.

8:04 New York Magazine: The Uninhabitable Earth.

8:06 Penn State climatologist Michael Mann criticized the New York Magazine article.

8:21 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf allowed an unbalanced budget to lapse into law.

8:35 What's Trending: Amazon Prime Day, Facebook, Jersey Shore, Jay-Z, Curb Your Enthusiasm

8:52 Senator Pat Toomey is a bee keeper.

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