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New Jersey Weather: Haddonfield Residents Begin Morning Cleaning Up Snow

HADDONFIELD, N..J. (CBS) -- Many residents in South Jersey began their Thursday morning with snow cleanup. Haddonfield residents were dealing with the latest blast of winter.

It was a slippery start in South Jersey as snow plows were clearing up paths along Admiral Wilson Boulevard and Route 70. The wet stuff persists.

"We've been walking for about an hour, a couple of miles, we've solved all the worlds problems," said Colleen O'Donnell. "Sorry! You had to be there."

While drivers took their time along Kings Highway in Haddonfield, Chris Swezy couldn't wait to get him and his dog Raeh home.

"She likes it but I messed up wearing tennis shoes," Swezy said.

Businesses among Kings Highway rely on foot traffic, so keeping the sidewalks clear is really important, especially with more storms expected this weekend.

"There's always some worry," DiBartolo's co-owner Al DiBartolo said.

DiBartolo's bakes up a bunch of warm goodies and on a snowy day, it may not be the worst idea, especially when another storm is on the way.

"This town looks like a holiday card but the foot traffic may be a little slow," DiBartolo said.

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