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Muslim American Airlines Flight Attendant Claims Co-Workers Repeatedly Called Him Terrorist

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBS) -- A Muslim flight attendant has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines, claiming his co-workers repeatedly called him a terrorist. reports Farkhan Mahmood Shah, of Edison, New Jersey, filed the lawsuit in Superior Court in Middlesex County.

According to the lawsuit, Shah, who is of Pakistani descent, claims his co-workers said he was part of the Taliban and Hezbollah and that even one flight attendant allegedly tried to convert him to Christianity.

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American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller told that the company is looking into the lawsuit.

"American does not tolerate discrimination of any kind," Miller said. reports that Shah, who began working at American Airlines as a flight attendant in 1999, first reported the alleged harassment in 2008. He claims that after he reported the harassment, he started noticing there were erroneous marks on his record for lateness and missing work.

The lawsuit states that in 2013 Shah brought up the errors on his record and was allegedly told they would be fixed, but were never corrected.

According to, Shah says in the lawsuit that he and his co-workers were having a conversation about the Sept. 11 terror attacks, when one of the workers allegedly said, "It was the Muslims and that Muslims are evil."

In the lawsuit, Shah said he responded to his co-workers by stating that some said the 9/11 attacks were an inside job and that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria was created by the CIA, after watching a Hillary Clinton clip.

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Shah claims that his comments were reported to supervisors and he was placed on a "watch list" by American Airlines weeks later. The lawsuit also states that FBI agents went to his Edison home.

Shah also claims in the lawsuit that no resolution on the alleged harassment was resolved as his case went to different human resources representatives.

Shah is seeking damages, attorney fees and other relief in the lawsuit.

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