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Music During Eagles Games Will Continue During The Regular Season

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you were at the stadium, or watch Thursday night's Eagles game on television, you noticed something in between plays; loud music. Much like during Chip Kelly's practices, the Eagles were playing music in the stadium during game play.

Eagles reporter Dave Spadaro called Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Friday to explain the NFL's rules regarding the music.

"NFL rules say that, a stipulation, is that the music needs to be turned down with 20 seconds left on the play clock, when the opposing offense is on the field," Spadaro said.  "So, Chip [Kelly], said well if there is no rule about when our offense is on the field, let's play the music. And his thought is, well, we're used to playing with the music. This perhaps limits the defenses ability to communicate or causes a little bit of confusion. Once the knee goes down and the play clock goes down to 40 seconds, the music goes on right up until the snap. The Eagles are getting all the music that they have at practice---they're used to it. They're are not confused. This is why they're doing it. Now what's going to happen, ultimately perhaps, the league is going to have to amend the rule or every other team in the league is going to try to do it."

Spadaro explained that this is not just a preseason thing.

"Absolutely [this will happen during the regular season]. The Eagles are nonplussed by the music, by any sort of distractions in the stands, anything going on around them, because they have been practicing since day one," Spadaro said.

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