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Mural Art's Open Source Artist Reveals Work In Courtyard Of City Hall

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The newest artist participating in the Mural Arts' Open Source project has revealed her work.

Artist Michelle Angela Ortiz revealed a 17 foot portrait in the courtyard of City Hall has part of the Open Source project.

"Open Source is a city-wide project with a total of 14 artists from all around the world. I am one of a few local artists." said Ortiz. "It is about finding ways to create work that speaks upon specific social issues that are happening in different communities."

Ortiz addresses the social issue of immigration through her work.

"My specific project under Open Source is called "Familias Separadas" which means "separated families.""

It's a temporary piece that covers the City Hall courtyard compass:

"It's about finding our directions, finding new opportunities, trying to be reunited; and the compass serves as a beautiful metaphor of that."

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