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Most Expensive Driving Violations

By Jim Donovan: Most drivers realize that if they commit a moving violation that they can expect to pay higher car insurance costs. However, that increase varies significantly by state, according to a new report.

On average, the most expensive infractions on a national basis are DUI (92%), reckless driving (83%) and Speeding 31+MPH (29%). The least expensive violations include not wearing a seatbelt (6%), driving without a license (16%) and violating railroad rules (18%).

"Most consumers are unaware of how much insurance rates go up even for a minor traffic violation, such as speeding a few MPH over the posted limit," said Laura Adams, senior analyst at "In many states, drivers can keep small speeding tickets and other minor infractions off their records by going to traffic school or taking a defensive driving course, up to a limited number of times."

In Pennsylvania, the most expensive driving infractions are: DUI (a 55% increase) Reckless driving (+49%). The least expensive is a seat belt violation (+5%).

To see how much a moving violation may cost in your state visit:

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