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KKK Valentine's-Themed Fliers Now Reportedly Found In 4 N.J. Towns, Bucks County

MOORESTOWN, N.J. (CBS)—Three New Jersey police departments are now investigating after Ku Klux Klan promotional fliers were apparently distributed to residents in the Garden State.

Police in Cinnaminson, Moorestown, Maple Shade and Gloucester Township are all on the case after residents find little Ziploc bags filled with a Valentine's-themed note from the KKK. And KKK fliers have also now popped up in Bucks County.

"I think the same reaction as everybody else in this community. Disgust," said Lt. Tim Young.

Young says his department received several phone calls on Sunday about the KKK flyers in residential yards.

"If the Ku Klux Klan wanted to get a permit and assemble, nobody in the country could stop them from doing that. However, driving down a residential street and throwing your message out of a car window, I don't believe that's covered under free speech," Young says.

But on Monday, Moorestown Police Chief Lee Lieber told CBS 3 a woman walking a dog found another flier---fitting the same description as the Cinnaminson flyer.

Ku Klux Klan Promotional Fliers Distributed To Neighbors In Cinnaminson

Several Maple Shade residents also reported getting the flier. On the front---a phone number. We called it and heard this instead of a ring:

"Greetings you have reached the loyal white nights of the Klu Klux Klan. The largest and most active Klan in America."

Authorities believe the cases are related and they have contacted several state agencies to make them aware of the fliers. They believe it's coming from the same source. Now, Moorestown, Maple Shade and Cinnaminson are asking for anyone to come forward if they see one of these around town.

"Cinnaminson is not like this," said Young. "This is not what we're about. Cinnaminson is an inclusive community. We always have been!"

Police do not believe people are specifically being targeted. They believe the bags are thrown in random yards----still authorities say it is private property and they will continue to find the source of these fliers.

Moorestown police has confirmed that one KKK flier was discovered at a home in Moorestown and there is also another unconfirmed report.

Gloucester Township Police Capt. Brendan Barton told CBS 3 the fliers were left in the driveways of approximately 20 houses on three streets nearly four weeks ago.

Police said KKK fliers have also been found in Bucks County.

"They appear to be identical to those found in several places regionally. They seem to have been distributed randomly. As of now no criminal act has been committed. Should these incidents, at some point, rise to the level of a criminal act we will handle it accordingly," said Central Bucks Regional Police Department Capt. Patrick Penecale III.

Police are continuing their investigation.

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