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Moorestown Residents Are Concerned About What Is In The Drinking Water

MOORESTOWN, N.J., (CBS) -- Concern about what is in the water took center stage in Moorestown, Burlington County on Wednesday night.

A township meeting at town hall was packed and among those in attendance were members of the Moorestown Water Group.

The residents are united in their objection to trichloropropane, or TCP, found in the town's drinking water.

TCP is a chemical compound commonly used as an industrial solvent.

Township officials  say they are taking steps to improve the water, but some residents are worried.

"As a taxpayer, I would like to have the opportunity to have a vote in whether it's worth it to me to pay maybe a little more money in the short-term to invest in health," said Moorestown resident Jane Wilkinson.

The TCP in Moorestown water first came to light in 2013 when two water wells at the Church Street Water Treatment Plant were closed. One reopened last summer after no TCP was found during testing.

Since it reopened, TCP has registered again in the testing.

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