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Montco High School Student Honored For Helping DA via Photoshopping Skills

By Jim Melwert

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- A Souderton, Pa. high school student has received a commendation from the Montgomery County district attorney's office for his help in last December's manhunt for Bradley Stone, the Pennsburg, Pa. man who went on a rampage and killed his wife and five of her family members.

When investigators narrowed the search down to Brad Stone, they wanted to release an accurate photo to the public as quickly as possible.

"At that time we had a photo of Mr. Stone that did not reflect exactly what he looked like that day, and we needed someone to digitally alter it to remove a beard that we had found out he had shaved off," recalls Montco DA Risa Ferman.

She said that all law enforcement personnel who would be able to alter the photo were already involved in the massive manhunt for Stone.

That's when they turned to Souderton Area High School student Cory Azeff, who was able to remove the beard in the photo.

"Cory was able to use the facilities at Souderton High School digital media lab to create an image for us that more closely reflected what the suspect looked like on that day," Ferman says.

The doctored photo was then distributed to media outlets here and across the country.  The FBI also had the image posted on electronic billboards along major highways.

Stone was eventually found dead of an overdose, in the woods in Pennsburg.


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