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Michael Vick Says He Will Be More Disciplined, But Asks 'How Can I Play The Game Of Football And Not Get Hit As Much?'

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Andy Reid said in March that it's imperative that Michael Vick stay healthy this season. Vick doesn't think that's as easy as it sounds.

"I mean how can I play the game of football and not get hit as much?" That's the question Vick asked 94WIP's Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow in an interview on Thursday. Gargano asked Vick a question about avoiding hits this season in an effort to stay healthy. "Really for me, to answer that question, you gotta play the game of football. I know what you're saying, but, you're saying not go through my progressions and just if number one's not there and number two's not there throw the ball away," he said.

"You know but one thing I'm not going to do, I'm not going to play this game and be hesitant. I'm going to play aggressive. That doesn't mean I have to play aggressive physically. As far as in the pocket ... being disciplined to sum it all up," Vick said. "A more disciplined game, to sum it all up."

Getting hit on the football field is one thing, but getting potentially run over by a bull is another, Vick thinks. Defensive end Jason Babin told reporters he plans on running with the bulls in July, and Vick doesn't think that's a great idea. "I highly disagree with that" Vick said of Babin's plans.  "I think his profession and his contract may stay that he state that he should not do anything that may jeopardize his career. And he may take note of that. If I catch him, I may pull him to the side and say 'you really need to rethink what you're thinking.'"


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