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Michael Irvin: 'Eagles Could Be Starting A Great Dynasty'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Michael Irvin is loathed by Eagles fans.

The five-time Pro Bowl former Cowboys receiver wreaked havoc on the Eagles for years in the 90s and fans don't forget. But now, Irvin, 51, is an analyst and he has a job to do.

"That guy is so talented man," Irvin said of Wentz on Tuesday's 94WIP Afternoon Show. "I'm worried about it, but I gotta talk about it because I see it -- this is me separating my head from heart. Because my heart says don't see it, you can't even speak that kind of pain to yourself. But my head says, you've got a job to do, damn it, do it!

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"And here's my job, if we are not careful what goes on in Philadelphia, it could be not just a great year, but the start of something of a great dynasty."


Irvin praised the Eagles' decision to hire Andy Reid's disciple, Doug Pederson.

"If they got a young quarterback, I'm gonna bring in me an offensive coordinator or an offensive-minded head coach, because I want that quarterback to feel like it's his team all together," Irvin said. "And that's what they're developing with the Rams, you have [Jared] Goff. That's what you have there with Wentz and Coach Pederson.

As for the Eagles fans, while Irvin understands that he's disliked in Philly, he respects the city's passion for football.

"I respect the passion, the love for the game, the grit, and all of that," said Irvin.

The 8-1 Eagles head to Dallas for a Sunday Night Football date with the 5-4 Cowboys. Dallas lost last Sunday without Ezekiel Elliott and tackle Tyron Smith, allowing 8 sacks in a 27-7 loss to the Falcons.

"You see the kind of trouble they're in without Tyron Smith," Irvin said. "If you can't block like what you saw the other day, than you've got no chance at winning football games."

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