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Michael Irvin To Andy Reid: Hiring Doug Pederson Was An Eagles Apology

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As Justin Bieber would say, "Is it too late now to say sorry?"

Joining Howard Eskin on Friday's 94WIP Morning Show, Dallas Cowboys Hall Of Fame wide receiver and current NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin told Andy Reid that hiring Doug Pederson was Jeffrey Lurie's under-the-radar way of apologizing to the ex-Philadelphia Eagles head coach.

"I love Andy Reid," Irvin said on 94WIP. "I think Andy Reid is one of the best coaches in the NFL. So, I knew that you were letting something go. We were not sure what would happen with Chip Kelly, but everybody was happy with what happened -- letting Andy go and then bringing Chip in.

Listen: Michael Irvin on the 94WIP Morning Show


"It's funny, and I joked with him a lot about this last time when I saw Andy at the [NFL] combine," Irvin continued. "I was talking to him, we were hanging out. I said to him then, I said, 'Man, I guess that's the only way they could say I'm sorry. We messed up. They can't bring you back, but they bring back your under-study. Like, aw man, we need Andy back!' I always thought he was one of the greatest coaches -- he's one of the best coaches in the NFL."

Reid, 57, was 130-93-1 in 14 seasons as Eagles' head coach from 1999-2012 and 10-9 in the playoffs. He led the team to five NFC Championship appearances, resulting in just one Super Bowl loss however.

Irvin, a five-time Pro Bowl wide out, also talked about the difference in the NFL rules from when he played -- in 90's -- to now.

"When I was playing it was, 'Separate this man from the ball.' Now it's, 'Let him catch the ball and then try to bring him down.'

"So they're giving you the reception," Irvin explained. "They're taking away, what I call, courage. Courage didn't say that I did not have fear, it said I have the ability to overcome my fear and go make the play anyway. Now, you don't really have to overcome that fear because you gotta wait. They gotta wait for you to catch the ball."

That comment prompted Eskin to bring up former Eagles cornerback and atrocious tackler Byron Maxwell, who many believe "stole" money after signing a six-year, $63 million contract with the team.

"Should have put him right in the jail at the stadium, huh?" Irvin joked, referring to the old Veteran Stadium in Philly. "Don't even let him go on the field. Just put him right in the jail right now. I didn't say. I don't want anybody writing that!"


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