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Man Uses Fitness To Bring Awareness To Substance Abuse During National Recovery Month

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Since 1989, Americans celebrate and work to increase the awareness of drug and alcohol recovery during the month of September.

Fishtown resident Andrew Meinster is using National Recovery Month as a springboard to open more eyes. Through his Get Fit 4 Recovery initiative, Meinster hopes to inspire.

"Get fit 4 Recovery is an event that creates awareness for the disease of addiction. September is National Recovery Month and I wanted to plan an event to create awareness," said Meinster.

Last week, Get Fit 4 Recovery took over the steps of the art museum as nearly 200 people turned out to spread the word and raise money for Recovery Advocates of America. Meinster knows all too well about the lows of addiction.

"Myself, I'm in recovery. And I use health and fitness as a way to overcome that obstacle."

Meinster, who has been sober since January 25, 2013, needed some help in recruiting local residents for the cause. He turned to Tom Wingert, Marketing Director at City Fitness.

"When I read his email...I immediately responded to it, because I'm also in recovery," said Wingert.

Every day 129 people die from a drug overdose.

As part of his quest to get the conversation started on recovery, Andrew began the planking challenge on Facebook and has gotten over 30,000 views.

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