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Man Surprises Girl Scout In Willow Grove With $100, Starts Chain Of Generosity

By Greg Argos

WILLOW GROVE, Pa. (CBS) -- If you need proof that are still some good, generous people out there, just ask a young Girl Scout in Montgomery County.

When Girl Scout Lauren Lindsay sells cookies in front of a Walmart in Willow Grove, she has a go-to question shes asks most potential customers.

"I say 'Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?' They either say yes or no," she said.

But James Chapman had a response that completely caught her off guard.

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"We were just casually selling Girl Scout cookies and a man walked up to us," said Lauren.

"Here's a hundred bucks," said James.

"And he said to just give away the next 25 boxes," said Lauren.

"As I'm handing her the 100 bucks she's like 'Seriously?' I'm like 'Yep, seriously. See ya,'" said James.

James went into the Walmart, but left behind a chain reaction, with some accepting the free cookies and making even more donations.

"It made me feel really excited and happy," said Lauren. "It helped me reach my goal of 300 boxes."

Others thinking it was all a joke.

"Some people actually said no. They thought it was some sort of mind trick," she said.

But one five-year-old boy offered the last of the 25 boxes James donated left another impression on Lauren, pulling a single dollar bill from his pocket he'd been saving and handing it over to her.

"It makes me feel good," she said.

"That is so cool. I would love to meet that little kid," said James. "When you do stuff like that, the ripple effect is awesome."

The Girls Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania released a statement, which read in part:

"We cannot thank this customer enough for setting a great example and sparking a chain of kindness. This amazing story just goes to show that Girl Scout cookies are about so much more than what's inside the box."

Both Lauren and James agree and hope this act of kindness sparks others throughout the area.

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